Izumisano Tanpopo corporation is the authorized social welfare business, We are hanndling nursing home, home care service, care for disable and social welfare transportation at Izumisano City Osaka Japan. We work together with local community. We try our best to handle matters carefully. Check the album 2019.


Time is flying and we are in 2019. We do cereblate same as common family.It looks joint family in Asia. We hear many voices and sounds of residents with happy smile. We do best for our duty and live as part of family.

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Februray has gone with our family. We do thing together and act togetehr. We keep our daily life with full of love. It was common to live in the joint family with many members for some years ago. Some ideas of care come from the traditional family system which performed in many asian countries even in these days. Help each others sincerly. Let us workd together.

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It is getting warm day by day. Spinach in our vegetable garden has grown up with fresh leaves. It gave us the hope to live. We do care this hope as our target. Sure we do pass away someday due to aging. We should realize this crucial fact and keep activities. We always care the people! We always care the heard and mind. Let us work together.

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It is the most pleasnt month in the year. The warm climate make us happy both our mind and health care. The Tanpopo Nursing home is nothing speciall. We do have event same as ordinary home and try to keep reisident's healthy life and its lifespan. Our activitiy is looks like spring breeze which means it has wamr spirit in it. Many people support us in different angle. Thanks for your cooperation and we appreciate you much. With our best regards.

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May is another month of lasting pleasnat days in a year. Typhoon and rain is aout of season. We had many miracles. We do share the happiness of to live with residients and we do our best for healthy life expectancy. All reesidents feel the family atomosphere including our staff. And it lead the hope to live among the residents. We do work this policy as priority. Thanks for all.

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The overnight trip is the big event in this month. It is not something usual. It requrie different kind of arrangemant and special care for the event. Both our staffs and residients belong under one family which makes us strong relationship and leads the success the overnight stay. We did manage it succesfully. What the customer live is what our live. We do more prctice for this section, too.

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The rain last long due to global warming and many unexpected phenomen happend. We managed all the difficluties with our hardship. High Scool students visit our home and talk with elders. It is just the grandchildren and grandpairrent. Many neibours visit our home which is really encourage our activities. We do our best and plan to next event for the residents.

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We had hot summer during the early days of August and wet weather continue from mid August. We are doing well and keep happy days at our nursing home. We are sorounded many moder equipment and it seems very modern and advance. The technology can make robot in these days. Does the robot care the people well? We try work together with real relationship with human to human for the happy life.

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September climate in Kansai had continued plesant days but littlle bit warm than as usual. It may cause of global warming. VAT(Value Added Tax) will be increase next month 8% to 10%. Many things are changeing which makes difficult to manage our daily life. But we do our best effort for the residence as nursing home with our heart to heart and modern technology.We always live with dignity.。

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We had many cyclon in this month at Kanto Area. The size of natural disasters are getting biger and biger in these days. There is no way to against the nature for us. We are managing the nursing home and always facing the loss of the life due to the aging. We should realize our weakness against the nature in both incidents. It is our role to keep the expentancy of the life as long as we can and keep the every day's life with degininty. We do try to do our best for the residents. Work together live together as we can.

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November has been over just now. The time is always flying and we have another a month for the next year. I had a chance to visit this unique nurshing home in ealry November. I really appreciate the staffs attitude towartds their duty. All the staffs have passion for their tasks and the do it very well. It is common that some elders are neglected by the relatives , society and friends in modern age. We forgot to give respect to the elders. But there is a special home which provide real care and the residents are live with full of happyness. Hope this unique nursing home will keep it role forever. Let me share this activities. Thanks for the all staffs and residents.

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Time is flying and we are in end of the year. We had many event at our nursing home "Yasuragi no Sato" with full of love affection. We are practicing for the peace of life with elders. The cost will be reduced in near future due to shortage of budget. But we are proud of our way which maintain with personal diginity and love affection.Paresnts care the baby and now we care the elders. Let us do wrok together.

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