National Nursing Care Service

The nursing care insurance system is operated by the municipality where the benefit-er lives.

When all people over 40 years old become insured (subscribers) and pay insurance premiums.

When it is recognized that support/ care is required, pay part of the cost (in principle, 10%) and get care service .
note: (65 years old or older and those aged 40 to 65 years who are suffer “special diseases like cerebrovascular disease”.

Following services are available include at-home and facility services, community-based care services, and others (such as housing renovation).

How does it work?

Choose a cooperation which will be suitable for you properly .
And fix the service you want then make agreement.

To receive nursing care insurance service, contact the municipal office (nursing care insurance section of the city hall)

It is necessary to apply for and receive certification for long-term care.

Procedures can also be requested from a home care support office (care plan center).

Survey / Application / Examination

Care for municipal staff or care plan creators entrusted by municipalities

A manager (care support specialist) visits your home and investigates the state of mind and body.

Based on the results of the survey and the written opinion of the doctor, it will be reviewed by the municipal nursing care certification review committee.


Whether or not care is necessary, if necessary (six levels of support required, care required 1-5)

Approved by municipalities based on screening and judgment (in principle, within 30 days of application)

And get a notification of decision.

The applicant or family will request the creation of a care plan based on the result of certification.

Upon receiving the request, the care manager will create a care plan with due consideration for the user’s mental and physical condition, family status, and living environment such as housing.
It is important for Applicant and families to clearly communicate their wishes to care managers and create a satisfactory care plan.

Those who receive care at home can receive at-home services (visiting care, commuting care at the facility, short-term admission to the cocoon facility, etc.)