In Home Care

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Our aim for nursing care works with the moment the light around for you.

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Home Care
Physical care
Daily Life Care
Getting on and off Care from Vehicle
Prevention for Physical Weakness

Support for Daily life
Cleaning  Cleaning of rooms, toilets,furniture, etc. Arrangement for garbage out.
Laundry     Laundry, drying, intake and storage of laundry, Ironing
Bed making  Sheet exchange, Quilt cover exchange, etc.
 Clothing Arrangement  Repair of clothes (replacement of buttons, breakage)
Cooking  General cooking. Catering and cleaning up.
Shopping,Delivery  daily necessities, ingredients and medicines with
receipt 。
Physical care
Excretion assistance toilet assistance, portable toilet
assistance, diaper exchange, etc
Bathing assistance Partial bath, whole body bath, hair washing,
Body preparation Assistance for changing clothes and routine washing
Meal assistance  Assistance in eating, meal amount check, Shimojo,
Moving and transfer assistance Wheelchair, walking, position
change, etc.
Outpatient and Outing Assistance  Assistance: Outpatient, Shopping
Medication assistance Assistance in taking medication, advice for
taking medicine regularly.
Care for independence support Watching for continuous assistance
while ensuring safety to improve daily living activities
Assistance for admit the hospital
Assistance of Vehicle ride Assistance for getting on and off from vehicle.

We  keep 30 care workers and 4 Responsible
person at Pure Station Tanpopo. And care the clients with sincerity.

Working Day Mon.~Sat.(Open in Public holiday, Closed on 12/30~1/3 )
Hours 8:30~17:15
Area in handle Izumisano City, Kaizuka City, Kishiwada City, Sennan City, Kumatori Town and Taziri Town in Osaka Pref.