Group Home



A wooden house in the narrow street where a large family lives …

There are a kitchen, garden. There are voices of joy, anger, sorrow, and ease inside.

Even if you have suffered dementia,live together where you lived with ease….

We care you with humanity with dignity …

Guide line of Fee

2015 August Revision

【 Self-pay of Benefit 】 10%or 20% of L.T.C insurance benefit

Prevention Long-Term Care for a Dementia Patient in Communal Living
30 Days 10%30 Days 20%31 Days 10%31 Days 20%
Requiring assistance222,65045,30023,40546,810
Nursing care level 122,77045,54023,52947,058
Nursing care level 223,85047,70024,64549,290
Nursing care level 324,54049,08025,35850,716
Nursing care level 425,05050,10025,88551,770
Nursing care level 525,56051,12026,41252,824

unit as Japanese currency.

Additional fee apply at Nursing Home (Yasuragi-no- Sato) table below.

    Per day
Service provision system addition Ⅲ             ¥6
Medical cooperation system addition         ¥39
Dementia specialty care addition              ¥3
Life end addition 4-30 days before death         ¥144
Life end addition 2-3 days before death         ¥680
Life end addition (Day of Death)       ¥1,280
Acceptance of juvenile dementia users         ¥120
Initial addition-first 30 days as reside-          ¥30
Treatment improvement addition8.3% of Grant of Care Payment

※Additon 10.27%by Izumisano City munincipality.

【 Tenant Fee 】 This is a common expense for all users.

Room Rent(Monthly)¥20,000
Food Expense(Monthly)¥35,000
Water,Electricity,Maintenance fee¥25,000

※When there are revisions to nursing care insurance premiums, or when there are changes to the system, etc., There will be a change in the fees.

Self-pay total amount of Month(10% related to L.T.C. insurance benefits)
30 Days31 Days
Requiring assistance2 ¥106,089 ¥106,959
Nursing care level 1 ¥106,219 ¥107,093
Nursing care level 2 ¥108,129 ¥109,067
Nursing care level 3 ¥108,896 ¥109,859
Nursing care level 4 ¥109,464 ¥110,446
Nursing care level 5 ¥110,031 ¥111,032
  • Hairdressing charges, diaper charges, daily sundry expenses, medical expenses, the event entrance fee are paid privately.
Tenancy deposit
Time of    Contract¥100,000(When leaving,We will refund the difference after deducting repair costs)