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“I want to go to the hospital … I want to go shopping … but I can’t go alone … I wonder if someone will take me …#

Contact welfare-paid transportation service Yorisoi which is very helpful for you.

Welfare transportation is a transportation service for people who have difficulty moving by public transport alone. Izumisano Tanpopo no Kai provides a car outing service for those who have difficulty going out.

When carrying welfare transportation as a business, permission of the Land Transportation Bureau is required.

We were  approved on May 20, 2010


Register number KINDAIFUKU-186

How to get service

Registration is required in advance.

Service  and consultation are accepted every day (except Sunday).

Please contact “Yorisoi” a welfare transportation.


①Those who have received nursing care or holder ofsupport certification under the Long-Term Care          Insurance Act.

②Those who have been issued a certificate for the disabled based on the Welfare for Persons with     Disabilities Act.

③Those who have with physical disabilities, mental disorders, or intellectual disabilities.

Service Area

Within Senshyu Area・・・

Either the departure or landing of the transfer is within the following Sennan Area and municipality where the registered member resides as the general rule.

Distance:O/W(Km)FareAdditional Charge
UP TO2km¥200Minimum Charge
2.1~ 3.0¥250Add ¥50 per kilometer
3.1~ 4.0¥300
4.1~ 5.0¥350
5.1~ 6.0¥400
6.1~ 7.0¥450
7.1~ 8.0¥500
8.1~ 9.0¥550


①The minimum fare is 200 yen up to 2 km

②After that 50 yen is added every 1 km

③We Round up the distance.。

④The fare apply boarding point to getting off point.

⑤The transfer route shall be a route that can secure and safety.

⑥Charges of toll roads shall be added by client.(
However, prior client approval is required.)