The corporation has many staff with licence holder of nursing. They have own character with full of passion to take care the elders. Their smile makes the residents happy and resident’s smile makes the staff happy. Staff are always try to do best for their profession.

Katagiya Mayumi
staff_01      It is my policy to take immediate action when I think right with full passion.
We are taking care of human life. We have to do our best and honest in our task.
Therefore, we continue brush up the knowledge and the wisdom for nursing care. Surely, that wisdom and knowledge will contribute our task. Many small things gives us big result toward the better life for everybody. It is our role to learn and act for development the society.

secretary general
Nakano Koji
staff_02The role of local community activities is strongly demanded these days with the declining birthrate and aging population. The supports of the local community has become indispensable. We are promoting activities with the aim of supporting new welfare services in our area, “Support for each other among local”. The Izumisano Tanpopo Corporation is a voluntary action that realizes the value ofeach person’s own way of life . For our business, we are making efforts to improve individual skills through through studying programs and training. All the members of the Izumisano Tanpopo Corporation will support you for peaceful life, healthy lifef where we lives aw well as local community.

In home care division
Administrator Kishimoto Tomoko
staff_04I feel like I was really happy to join this corporation with the residents … Let me do my best with positive way… I wish to keep this valuable relationship. I am proud of myself as care worker.。

In home care division
Sano Keiko
I was working over 12 years as care worker. It is my motto to provide suitable  care by individually. Let me keep always smile and do my best for the clients.

In home care division
Minami Keiko
staff_07Let me work with Smile and compassion.

Nursing home
Floor Manager  Kakimoto Yuki
staff_08Don’t worry if you become demented! Live together with us. Let us care you.your life Lots of events and joy gives you real happy life and pleasant stimulus encourage thire life to liv. We support resident’s life with a respectful relationship.It is the humanity.

We have a system to respond quickly anytime including emergency occasion. If you are concerned about nursing care, want to know more about the nursing care insurance system, please feel free to contact us. A care support specialist (care manager) will consult about your family and its problems. Let us know more details.